Becoming a Floor 321 Installer

Floor 321 is Looking for Experienced Flooring Installation Contractors

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Here’s what we’ll offer

  • Expand Your Business
  • Consistent work
  • Weekly pay
  • Top Pay In Industry

Here’s what we’re looking for

  • Top Quality Work
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Experience
  • Honesty
  • Licensed/Insured

What we look for in our Service Providers
At Floor 321, dedication to serving our customer and enhancing their experience is our priority. We must earn the Customer’s trust and exceed their expectations at every opportunity. Similarly, Floor 321 seeks Customer Service driven companies to join our installation network.

What’s in it for your company
Increase your revenue potential, boost your business credibility and gain access to an unequaled partnership.

How we select our Service Providers
To become a Service Provider with Floor 321, you must successfully complete the qualification process, which starts with completing our online application. If there is a need for your company’s services, our Service Provider Management team will contact you directly and invite you into our on-boarding process. At a high level, this process includes validating contractor licenses, insurance coverage and requires background investigations.

How we measure our Service Providers
We perform regular contractor screenings, which includes thorough background investigations and ongoing quality and regulatory compliance audits. Additionally, Floor 321 conducts Quality Reviews of Service Provider’s operations throughout the year.