If you’re planning to have a hardwood or laminate floor installed in your home then it is a good idea to understand the installation process. Here at Floormate we only hire the very best flooring installers in South Florida who have years of experience. This means that they’ll get your floor installed quickly and without any mistakes. The key to installing a floor correctly is to plan out the entire process beforehand and make sure that you are well prepared. To help you get a feel for how everything will work we will take a minute to run through the process here.

Laminate flooring installations

The first step is obvious. It is to choose the type of flooring that you plan to install. Depending on your chosen material there will be different steps that should be followed during the installation. Installing a laminate floor can be done quickly by a skilled installation crew and it simply consists of preparing the space by cleaning the floor area and removing all flooring and then laying down a dampening layer underneath the laminate flooring layer. This can easily be completed in one or two afternoons so there is no need to worry. Installing a hardwood floor is a little bit more of a complicated process so we will use a few different steps to explain how it works.

Hardwood flooring installations

  • Choose the boards that you plan to use for your room and measure the width and length of the room before ordering the wood. When installing a wood floor it is always important to order a little bit of extra wood in case you have any other spaces that need to be filled
  • Before installing the floor it’s important to review the state of the subfloor and make sure there are no squeaky areas. If so it’s not difficult to screw a few screws into it and make sure everything is sturdy.
  • Install vapor barrier paper. This thin layer simply helps to protect your hardwood floor from the weather.
  • After the floor is fully prepared and the vapor barrier paper has been laid down the next step is to begin at one end of the wall and start laying down the boards. For the first board laid it is important to make sure that it fits into the molding in your wall.
  • Each board should easily slide into the one beside it and everything should be nailed together so that it doesn’t slide around. After doing this all the way across the room the job is nearly complete. All that remains is to fill in leftover gaps with the extra would that you bought.
Installing a hardwood floor or even just a laminate floor can be quite difficult for an unexperienced homeowner. This is why we suggest working with a professional company that has handled hundreds of flooring installations all across the South Florida area. If you are interested in having a new hardwood floor installed in your home why not give us a call and let us help you out. We love getting to work with our South Florida customers and we know that when you see the finished product you won’t regret your decision.